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KORE Technologies is the digital asset infrastructure and ecosystem provider of choice for enterprises and corporate and luxury businesses. We believe in the interdependence of decentralised and traditional financial ecosystems that allow transparent and open finance. With an IBM and Phoenix Systems partnership, we build, integrate, and host trust-critical SaaS and IaaS on decentralised bank-grade systems. Through this level of harmonization, we offer unrivalled efficiency and security to clients. A bouquet of product offerings intertwined with a robust infrastructure and software emanating from a single source, a multi-currency payment service, and the ability to invest directly from our platform make KORE a one-stop-shop to empower your digital assets.
KORE Technologies Main Services:
KORE built all fundamental digital asset modules from scratch, giving you unprecedented flexibility, performance and security. A comprehensive one-stop shop solution to enter Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

• KORE D-Cash
Offer domestic or cross-border payment and settlement solutions through Digital Cash, Central Bank Digital Currencies or 100+ Cryptocurrencies enabled by KORE Digital Cash and connected to KORE DANE.

• KORE Invest
Issue tokenized securities (Digital Assets) or any other physical or digital underlying. Service corporate actions from one cockpit and have full control over the investors. Securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies or store digital assets and transfer ownership.

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